Will Online Scratchoff Games Replace Physical Counterparts?


Will Online Scratchoff Games Replace Physical Counterparts?

13 October 2023

If you follow trends in the lottery, you will be well aware that there is a growing shift toward the online market. It makes sense for both the lottery operators and, to an extent, the players. For the former, there is the opportunity for more frequent ticket sales, direct marketing via push notifications and email campaigns, and other loyalty-related benefits. For the player, there is the matter of convenience, with lotto apps allowing you to play your favorite numbers automatically in each draw without needing your input.

For scratchoff/scratchcard games, the reasons are a little different, however. Broadly speaking, the shift to the online arena for lottery games is a question of how and when you play, whereas with scratchoff games the difference is in the type of games you play. In a nutshell, the online market for scratchoffs is growing because players know they will experience new types of games with features that one could not find in a physical card.

Online platforms like Scratchful are booming

Indeed, dedicated platforms for online scratchoffs like Scratchful have seen a boost in traffic among players who look for entertainment first and foremost. Partnering with leading iGaming suppliers like Pragmatic Play, the top scratchoff platforms can use gaming technology that industry experts have been honing over the last 30 years or so. It creates a vibrant market with much more variation.

So, what exactly do we mean by entertainment? Generally, it is about going beyond the old-school idea of scratching off and matching a few symbols. Sure, we have seen physical scratchoff games that try to do things a little differently, but online suppliers have more tools at their disposal, allowing them to add special features like bonus rounds, video, and other in-game incentives.

Online scratchoffs can be entertaining without needing to focus on winning a prize. Indeed, players will often try out the games in demo mode on social platforms like the aforementioned Scratchful. In physical games, it’s really all about winning or losing. Online, the emphasis has shifted toward entertainment while keeping the fundamentals of classic scratchoff games at their heart.

3D and AR games could be the norm

Furthermore, it is arguably more interesting to wonder where online scratchoff games can go in the future rather than just focusing on the present. Many of the iGaming suppliers are already adept at using 3D graphics capabilities in other titles, and this could certainly be more apparent in online scratchoffs in the future. AR/VR technology is also considered to be the future of all gaming entertainment.

As for replacing physical cards, well, one would argue that there will always be a place for buying a scratchoff on a whim when you are popping into the store or filling up at the gas station. As with lottery tickets, people sometimes enjoy the sensation of holding a physical card. But in general, the future of scratchoffs increasingly looks like it will be a digital one.